Why WordPress?

It’s Popular!

WordPress currently accounts for around 60% of all websites that use a Content Management System (CMS). Because of this, many users are already familiar with WordPress as a platform and require less training as a result.

It’s Free!

WordPress is an Open Source platform which can be hosted by the vast majority of Web Hosting companies. As such, switching to your website to WordPress rarely means changing your Web Hosting provider. In fact, many companies now provide an option for a “Managed WordPress Installation” meaning you don’t even need to worry about keeping your installation up-to-date yourself!

Please note, in some instances, an upgrade to your hosting package may be required to allow WordPress to be installed

It’s Flexible!

With thousands of Templates and Plugins available, WordPress is easy to customise to meet your needs.

WordPress also allows developers to easily modify the code so that your website can be tailored to your brand and requirements.

It’s Simple!

With some basic training on how the WordPress page/post editor works, it’s easy for you to take control of the content on your website.

With no real need for a developer to add/edit your website on your behalf, you can reduce your costs while ensuring that your content is kept up-to-date.

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